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Oct 29, 2012 3:05am EDT
, close the budget deficit. make, create a regulatory environment that encourages investment and certainty. that those are improving the situation. governor romney is also, however, correct that there's a long way to go. and that there are lots of people in ohio and elsewhere around this country who are unemployed or underemployed and we have huge progress. and 2% gdp growth is nothing to crow about. in fact it's less growth than in 2011 and less than 2010. >> all the economic news is about republican policies and all the bad economic news is because of democratic policies? it's funny, it's just disingenuous. >> how much of this is a problem in terms of how people feel, rachel. we see more economic optimism in the country and yet people are still feeling like the obama record is lackluster and you look at the recovery still not feeling like it's robust enough. >> and you see it just in the raw consumer confidence numbers. you see consumer confidence trending up and the unemployment rate trending down and you see the deficit dropping year to year. you see things going in the right direction
Oct 29, 2012 2:50am EDT
's techniques, my company not only has come away from a $500,000 deficit, but now we're sitting at 1.5 million. we're doing four or five houses per month, averaging 79,000 per deal, and i could not have done it without armando and using his techniques. we have been using armando's techniques to buy and sell properties. he has taught us how to determine the after repair value of the house. how much repair needs to be done. and through everything we learned through armando our first 2 properties have netted $53,000 profit. and has given us a future to count on, we can do this for a living now. thanks to armando i'm a professional of 32 years we've been attending armanda's live seminars. we currently have 2 properties under contract the opportunity has given me for working with my son what i was doing before this he wouldn't... and it's just fantastic. the environment that armondo creates for learing this stuff. he gave me the confidence to even believe that i could do this and his methodological approach to teaching is just fantastic, it's step by step. i'm one of those people that needs 99% of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2